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A sport car, by technical definition, is a two seat car with a very powerful engine that is created exclusively for going fast. A sport car focuses on high speed stability and maneuverability over comfort and space. Sports cars are regarded impractical and expensive by most of us but we still nurture a desire for them. The distinct sound, curvy design and impeccable performance makes a sport car the ultimate desire for almost every human being except that they are brutally expensive and getting one is nearly impossible without a fat pocket.

History Of Sport Cars

You will notice in automobile history that some manufacturers (usually individuals with engineering skills) were always obsessed with the idea of cars that move faster and perform well. A good example is Ferrari because Ferrari cars were not anything like the models you see today. These cars were merely good for commuting but were excellent for the performance enthusiast. As a matter of fact, it was the differences of Ferrari with Lamborghini that urged the latter to create cars that gave equal importance to performance.

Almost every sports car brand was emerged in Europe and the first sport car in history could be the 1910 Vauxhall followed by Ballot in 1921.

Top Sport Car Models In The World:

Dodge Challenger - This American sport car changed the concept that a sportster should be ridiculously expensive. This is the reason for the car to pick sales all over the world.

Audi R8 Spyder - If Audi is relatively unpopular in making sport cars, they changed this notion forever with R8! R8 is the hottest sport car in the recent years and enjoy better popularity than certain brands that are only known for manufacturing sport cars.

Mercedes SLS AMG - If there is one brand that has a loyal following of sport car customers although the brand is not widely popular in this segment, it is Mercedes.

Porsche 911 - 911 is considered a synonym for sport cars. The car is with us for decades but it seems that 911's popularity is not going to decline anytime soon.

Bentley Continental GTC - Continental GTC made an outstanding exception with its four seats but even more surprising is the car's massive success and sporty capabilities.

Lamborghini Aventador - Lamborghini is always the best looking sport cars in the world and they are proving their design skills once again with Aventador!

Fisker Karma - Fisker is not a very popular brand among non automobile lovers but the brand is known for pulling out some great shows and a good example is their latest model, Karma!

Maserati Gran Turismo - Maserati GT is not only known for its looks but the car's 4.7L V8 engine is an outstanding performer, putting most of its competition on shame.

Ferrari 458 Italia - The 458 Italia, without any doubt, is one of the best looking Ferraris out there and it's an incredible performer too.

Aston Martin Virage - If there is one British sport car that everyone would love to own, it is Aston Martin. Just have a look at Virage and you will know why!