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Large car or full size car is the term used to refer cars that have lengths close to 5000mm or more than that. There was a time when full sized cars were minimum 5000mm in length and anything below this weren't regarded as a large car but today, lengths of 4800mm or above is considered 'large' in most markets. Large cars were quite popular in the North American market and similar popularity was enjoyed in Australia and New Zealand. One can say that the American car market was dominated by large cars till 1970s when fuel crisis became a huge issue.

A full size car is known for its spacious interior, large engines and great comfort. These features, of course, come at the cost of fuel efficiency and high maintenance costs. Below is a description of some of the more outstanding luxury cars for 2012.

Infinity M35 - Infinity strictly means Japanese reliability and this rear wheel drive large car is a lot fun to drive. It is powered by your 3.5 L V6 engine and comes with seven speed automatic transmission. M35 is popularly known for its large boot space and decent fuel efficiency.

Toyota Avalon - A Toyota qualifying for the best large car category is not that common for two reasons: first of all, the company is not known for manufacturing large cars and secondly, their only successful large vehicle is the Land Cruiser SUV. However, Avalon is an excellent contender in this category with its amazing fuel efficiency and top end safety features. Being one of the most fuel-efficient large cars today, Avalon is certainly attracting many customers.

Cadillac STS - Cadillac STS is the perfect combination of performance, reliability and looks. It has the typical Cadillac elegance written all over it and the 4.6 L engine, although not very fuel-efficient in cities, is an amazing performer. The car comes with many luxury features that other large cars don't offer. If economy is not your primary consideration, STS is a great choice for you.

Hyundai Genesis - When you start thinking about large cars, Korean cars are definitely not something that will come to your mind but things have changed when Hyundai made a grand entry to the American automobile market. Genesis is a very good example for Korean automobile excellence and it seems Hyundai is going to take over the Japanese if the latter is not going to take the competition seriously.

Lincoln Town Car - A Lincoln is purely known for its performance and elegance but in recent years, the company has improved dramatically in terms of cost-effectiveness and fuel efficiency. The Town Car is a classic example here. The car not only offers amazing range of luxuries, thanks to Lincoln's experience in the large car market, it has become very practical for most users.

These are the top five large cars that you should consider buying. A large car, although slightly expensive to run and maintain, provides the owner with excellent comfort and unbeatable reliability, thanks it their large engines and engineering perfection.