Used 2012 Volkswagen GTI Coupe Hatchback Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Volkswagen GTI Coupe Hatchback

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 Pros The standard features that come included with the base Volkswagen GTI Coupe Hatchback are well received, and easy to use based on user reviews.

 Pros The handling associated with the 2012 model is well-balanced, and superior to competing models from other makers.

 Pros The option to go with the DSG gearbox transmission will benefit those that prefer the automatic transmission, but still wish to retain handling and control.

 Pros Suspension works wonders over bumps, and the cabin remains quiet even on the highway.

 Pros Good gas mileage comes standard with the 6-speed manual, but can become even better when you opt for the DSG.

 Pros The interior is luxury styled, offering all the amenities seen in far nicer vehicles. A real focus was placed on the design and layout of the complete interior of the 2012 Volkswagen GTI Coupe Hatchback.

 Cons Our reviews show the competition is quicker, and handles a little better then the Volkswagen GTI Coupe Hatchback overall.

 Cons Although the interior has become larger, it's still a hatchback, and it's still fairly small.

 Cons The exterior is plain in appearance, and doesn't offer the flash that other competing models can offer.

 Cons When you start adding on the additional options that don't come included as part of the base package, the overall cost review of the car can become fairly pricey.

 Cons Adequate speed, yet the engine lacks impressive horsepower when compared against other competing models in the same class.