Used 2012 Toyota Tacoma Truck Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Toyota Tacoma Truck

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 Pros The stylish design of the Toyota Tacoma paired with its good performance makes it a favorite not only in reviews but also by buyers who want good value for their money.

 Pros The price range of the various models are attractive for the performance and features of the trucks.

 Pros Reviews showed the Tacoma to be a fuel-efficient truck without compromising performance. Some of the models also include the JBL Green Edge audio technology that allows for lower electric power consumption, which translates to lower fuel demand.

 Pros The availability of various trim packages seems to be very propitious for consumers.

 Pros Based on reviews, the Rear-Wheel Drive with Automatic Limited-Slip Differential is a very good feature of the Tacoma. It allows one of the driven wheels to turn farther than the other wheel on the axle. This makes the car safer when turning corners.

 Cons The 4.0-Liter V6 engine has been showed to produce a lot of noise during reviews and driving tests.

 Cons Some reviews of the Tacoma showed complaints regarding the not so impressive brake pedals of the truck. There is a subpar feeling while steeping on the brake pedals according to a few reviews online.

 Cons For people who actually used trucks for towing and cargo, the Tacoma might not be the best options as its towing capacity is not as good as regular V8 powered trucks. The truck bed is also narrower than most trucks so that means less cargo capacity.

 Cons Driving reviews of the Tacoma showed a little restraint when being used for city driving. Although it works perfectly fine being driven without loads, some had the feeling the truck is much better used for towing or hauling stuff.

 Cons Most reviews put the seating capacity of three for the Regular Cab model and that is two people less than most competitor trucks.