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Trims & Features of the 2012 Tesla Model S Electric Sedan

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Although still unable to be classed as a production car, even the most cynical reviewers would have to arrive at the conclusion, that having put working prototypes on view, Tesla would never dare to wander too far from the " so-called" finished article.

If this is indeed the case, then Tesla have done a fine job with their Model S Sedan with a standard of interior finish of a design and quality rich enough to compete with the best. Because the Model S Saloon's battery pack fits securely within a floor pan just a few inches tall, Tesla designers had loads of interior space to play with, meaning plenty of headroom and legroom to suit even the widest and the tallest.

As far as interior finish is concerned, judging from the prototype, nothing will be lacking, The Tesla Model S Saloon will come resplendent with a combination of carbon fiber Nappa leather interior d?cor accented by the latest in Alcantara accents.

As you would imagine with a car very much evolved in and geared towards the 21st century, the Tesla Model S Sedan has more than its share of technological features. Both Information and in-car entertainment details both come out of a large than life (seventeen inch) multi-touch display panel. The only permanent information snippet that the panel displays is the state of the climate outside the vehicle.

After that it just a case of letting the driver's fingers do the walking from Google maps to internet radio, from browsing the web to controlling the sunroof, from checking location to updating on current battery power this smart piece of internet technology is the equivalent of having a personal assistant along with you for the ride. While it's to be expected that the information providing capabilities of this very smart piece of equipment will be updated many times before the vehicle is launched and as many times after, as the Tesla Saloon's instrument panel currently stands it will make driving this car a much more fulfilling experience.

Taking into account all of its pluses and minuses, the Tesla Model S Saloon is expected to provide some strong competition for the BMW 5-Series, the Audi A6 as well as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class when it gets into full production in 2013, with figures of twenty thousand units currently being projected.

The Tesla Model S Sedan was envisioned to be, first and foremost, a high-performance luxury saloon competing in the upper end of the market, with the fact that it was battery powered giving it an unbeatable edge over its "gas guzzling" rivals in this energy conscious time. The Tesla image may have become somewhat tarnished due to their continuing production problems. However these are gradually fading, at least as far as the Sedan version is concerned, although there are still some considerable problems to be overcome before Tesla's much vaunted Roadster sports will hit the streets. While it is difficult, if not possible, to find actual pros and cons se for a vehicle who has not truly been tested in the long term in normal driving conditions, the Tesla Model S Sedan certainly appears to have all the credentials to be the first electrically powered luxury saloon/hatchback of the 21st century.

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Rating: 2.1/5
54 users voted