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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Sedan

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If you're going to purchase a Subaru Legacy in 2012, the 3.6R Sedan is the one you want. Essentially, the 3.6 models are the same as all the base 2.5i model and trims, with the main difference becoming the engine. Although this may not seem like an apparent reason to scoop the Subaru Legacy 3.6R Sedan over the other trims, it actually makes a big difference overall based on reviews. Transcending from the typical mid-size sedan, to hovering near the luxury class line, the Subaru Legacy 3.6R Sedan has all the positives without many of the negatives associated with the 2.5i class.

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The biggest difference between the 2011 Legacies and this years are the size. Subaru decided to extend the length of the car in every direction by a few inches each way. What resulted from this change was an increase in cabin room, and a more stable ride according to our review. Competing with other popular mid-size sedans, the Subaru Legacy 3.6R Sedan is becoming a favorite among its class.

Accompanying the large v6 engine, are bigger brakes, and 17-inch alloys for all the 3.6R trims. Approaching the luxurious territory, the inside review of the Subaru Legacy 3.6R Sedan is quite impressive. The 5-seat capacity comfortably holds the advertised room. Perfectly suitable for a family, its clear that Subaru is targeting a wider audience with it's new design style. The interior review comes with many standard features that will help to make the Subaru Legacy 3.6R Sedan become a popular choice for many people. The interior design is both sophisticated and sleek in appearance. An abundance of silver paint greets the eyes, and for some, this may become too much for them to handle. With that said, we applaud Subaru's effort in changing up its style compared to its other interior models. The plastic appears to be of high quality, but lacks a premium feel when compared to other mid-size models in existence.

Review of the seats offer plenty of head and leg room, and can be sat on for long periods of time while still retaining their natural comfort. Where the Subaru Legacy 3.6R Sedan lacks though is in its technology department. Subaru has never been big on this area, and it's clearly apparent with the base audio system that lacks power or quality. If you opt to include the in-dash navigation system, prepare to be disappointed. Based on reviews, the functionality of the device differs according to the day you use it, with its small touchscreen icons, and irritating controls. You must also upgrade your features to receive the iPod control, and Bluetooth options.

Like always, the Subaru Legacy 3.6R Sedan rates very highly in all the safety test reviews. For a mid-size sedan, this Legacy will accomplish everything you need it do. With the added cabin space, and the reliability associated with every Subaru to date, the Subaru Legacy 3.6R Sedan is a viable option when it comes to selecting your next family vehicle.

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Rating: 1.7/5
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