Used 2011 Smart Passion Coupe Hatchback Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2011 Smart Passion Coupe Hatchback

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 Pros On a positive note, the Smart Fortwo Passion's surprisingly roomy interior is one of its best attributes. Drivers don't have to be 5'4" to enjoy driving this sporty vehicle; taller drivers are just as comfortable.

 Pros In addition, the panoramic-like view from the front windshield provides a quirky, interesting experience for Smart Passion Coupe Hatchback passengers and drivers and perhaps helps them forget how close they are to the back bumper. Although, they may also feel a little seasick when they realize that the car's two doors basically wrap around the entire vehicle!

 Pros The Smart Passion Coupe Hatchback is very fuel efficient and is perfect for city driving. It achieves 33 city/41 highway ratings.

 Cons Drivers of the Smart Passion Coupe Hatchback may feel some hesitation when shifting from first to second gear. While this isn't a huge problem for city driving, it could be annoying when taking a longer road trip. Here's a tip: Although most drivers will become accustomed to the sluggish automatic shifting, they can choose to shift the Smart Passion Coupe Hatchback manually via the paddles by lifting off the throttle each time to make it feel more like a standard manual gearbox. This should allow for a smoother ride.

 Cons The vehicle's inability to reach over 90 mph could also be a problem for heavy-footed drivers. We should note, however, that the ride has greatly been improved in the Smart Passion Coupe Hatchback compared to its sporty Smart predecessors. Bottom line, this car drives wonderfully in the city, and acceptably anywhere else.

 Cons Our other problem with the Smart Passion Coupe Hatchback after review is that despite its Nascar-like "safety cell" cage, it just doesn't stack up to four-door giants on the highway. This could lead to safety concerns for drivers. Keep the sporty Smart Passion Coupe Hatchback where it belongs- easily nestled in parallel parking spaces across your city.