Used 2011 Smart Passion Cabriolet Coupe Hatchback Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2011 Smart Passion Cabriolet Coupe Hatchback

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 Pros The 2011 Smart Fortwo Passion Cabriolet Coupe Convertible holds lots of head and leg room, even for taller drivers, despite its tiny size.

 Pros The Cabriolet's convertible top is a superb feature. It opens to three different levels and leaves the driver with closeness to the outside world like never before.

 Pros Drivers can download the Smart app. For their iPhones and purchase a dock that goes with it (not standard). This adds many features the Fortwo Passion seems to be missing. The vehicle uses the driver's phone for music, hands-free phone conversations, etc. It even has a simple "Where Am I?: function, which is slated to get an upgrade for turn-by-turn directions.

 Pros Like all Smart Fortwos, the Passion Cabriolet is great for city driving. It can park in tight spots and meander around standstill traffic.

 Pros The Smart Passion Convertible rates at 33 city/41 highway mileage (high 30s in real-world driving), which is great news for those worried about spending a lot of time at the gas pump.

 Pros Features, though not plentiful in this vehicle, are easy and thrifty upgrades.

 Cons The 2011 Smart Fortwo Passion Cabriolet Coupe Convertible's base radio only includes AM/FM options and a USB input. Drivers must connect with their iPads or iPods for a better music experience.

 Cons Automated manual transmission sticks in between gears. Drivers must learn to adjust to the driving style required by this transmission. There's a long drag between shifts, and the ignition key near the shifter is easy to hit in between gears.

 Cons People either love- "get"- the car or do not. For some it's just too small and not classy enough. For others, the size and practicality are optimal.

 Cons The Passion Coupe Convertible is best for city driving. One may never adjust to driving it on the highway.

 Cons Gear box is loud and distracting, and the parts are not very well-made.

 Cons The Smart Fortwo line is sometimes hard to come across. Dealers for the vehicle are not very widespread.