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Review & Ratings of the 2011 Smart Electric Drive Coupe Hatchback

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The 2011 Smart Electric Drive Passion Coupe is a one-of-a-kind EV (electronic vehicle). Some may poke fun of it because of its size, but this Fortwo gets great gas mileage and is amazing for parking in small places throughout the city in which you live. That being said, it's a rather slow car, so it's not for those of you that are looking for a ton of power in a tiny package. The Passion Coupe Electric Drive is a battery-operated EV variety of the Smart Fortwo micro car. It was originally named the Smart Fortwo EV. The electric version of this Fortwo was first tested in London in 2007 with 100 units being assessed.This was followed by Berlin in late 2009, and finally in the U.S. in January 2011 with 250 units. These units made up a portion of the fifteen hundred vehicles that were tested in several European cities, specific Asian markets, and Canada. The 3rd-generation Smart ED is slated to be introduced by the 2nd 2012 quarter- a small part of the Smart company's plan to launch electronically-operated vehicles in 30 markets all over the globe. A close- to-production version of this vehicle was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011.

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We're excited about the 2012 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive because it promises us more value than the current 2011 version. (One of the Passion Coupe's downfalls is its pricey amount). The 2011 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Passion does have its benefits, however. Despite its lack of technically-advanced gadgets in the console, the Smart car does have a pre-conditioning feature that's pretty innovative. The savvy company knows that heating and AC system use battery power on extremely hot or cold days, so the Passion Coupe is designed to heat or cool the cabin while it's plugged in. This draws energy from the wall socket instead of the battery pack. The system can then be programmed to heat or cool the interior of the vehicle while charging and thereby draw energy from the electrical outlet instead of the battery pack.This system can also be programmed to time itself for its subsequent drive. This way, drivers get a comfortable interior and a fully charged battery. In review, the sporty 2011 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Passion Coupe is great for city driving, but those who spend a lot of time on the highway should opt for a vehicle with more power.

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Rating: 2.0/5
25 users voted