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Scion Review

Toyota Motor Co.'s brand Scion is produced solely for American and Canadian markets. Scion is a relatively new brand. It was founded in 2002 with the goal of appealing to young adults with a sporty, stylish, and inexpensive lineup. Scion can trace its roots back to the dawn of the new millennium, 1999. At this time, Toyota launched Project Genesis, which was aimed at young American car drivers. Toyota wanted to create a sort of "brand within a brand" with Scion, and its sales and marketing tactics followed this model. The beginning of this project created the Toyota Echo economy sedan, as well as the Toyota Celica and Toyota MR-2 models. These models just didn't have the spark Toyota hoped they would with consumers, and the Genesis project was canceled. In its place came a different effort, Project Exodus, led by an L.A. digital design company called Fresh Machine. And this, as much as Toyota likes to take credit, is really where Scion began.

Scion was first introduced to the public in early 2012 at the NY Auto Show. The new brand came with only two concept vehicles, called the ccX (re-named the tC) and the bbX (re-named the xB). The next year, the Scion xB and Scion xA were revealed at the L.A. Auto Show. Originally, these Scion vehicles were only available at about a hundred California Toyota dealerships, and they were first launched in June of 2003. In February 2004, the brand was extended into the other parts of America, and they were available for purchase nationwide by that June- the same time that the 2005 Scion tC was released.

By 2006, Scion already had a second generation available to its drivers with the Scion xB, which was based on its t2B concept. The brand also premiered its new xD (which followed the original xA) at a very exclusive event in Miami, Florida. In February 2007, both of these vehicles were revealed publically at the Chicago Auto Show. In 2010, the Scion market was expanded to include Canada along with its original U.S. market.

Scion uses key marketing strategies and emphasizes factors like "performance driving metrics," "confidence in buying," "factor options," and price to jump ahead of competitors such as Mitsubishi and Kia. The 2012 Scion lineup includes the 2012 Scion tC, which starts a $19,305, the boxy 2012 Scion xB, starting at $17,030, the sporty 2012 Scion xD, starting at $16,075, and the world's smallest 4-seater 2012 Scion iQ, starting at $15,995 and featuring eleven standard air bags. The 2012 FR-S sleek and sporty concept is set to debut in the spring of 2012. Buyers can also currently buy the 4.0 XXX of 800 Release Series of Scion vehicles, which comes with special features and a limited-edition badge to show your Scion pride. Scion owners are known for their fierce sense of style, their grasp of true value, and their individuality. Scion vehicles lead the next generation, and the brand continues to grow with every year.