Used 2012 Renault Wind Gordini Convertible Coupe Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Renault Wind Gordini Convertible Coupe

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Rating: 2.6/5
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A convertible that is compact enough to do it all, the Renault Wind Convertible Coupe provides space to carry what is needed for long trips without sacrificing road handling abilities or the ability to drive with the top down. The hard top that takes only seconds to close may open into the trunk, but in no way does it affect the amount of space available for storage because of the overall design. It sports an exterior that will be appreciated by any car enthusiast, and the interior is designed for maximum comfort on the road. Although this convertible is more compact than some at only 12.5 feet long, it provides drivers and passengers with unbelievable safety and road handling abilities. This makes it convenient for city driving as well as for being able to cruise the back roads for the wind and the experience. It is powerful enough to do what you want it to, but the Renault Wind Convertible Coupe has enough control to make drivers feel comfortable no matter where they are driving.

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With no less than 100 horse power telling it what to do, the Renault Wind Convertible Coupe can be customized to meet individual driver needs by adding any number of features to the already great package. There are many options that add to the comfort and technology already on board, and there are also options that can be purchased for even greater power, safety and even simple convenience in the car while driving, such as automatic features that leave the driver more focused on driving. Features that come standard on most versions are a lot of basic essentials that are needed for driving such as safety equipment and basic comforts, and the options that are available to add give drivers the feeling of a custom vehicle because it is specified for their needs and preferences. The Renault Wind Convertible Coupe may only have two seats with a sports car feel but it comes with all of the capabilities of a family car, which makes it sought after by many people that are looking for a great time while keeping safety in mind as well. The compact nature of this convertible combined with the power of a sport vehicle and the comfort of a family car make the Renault Wind Convertible Coupe one of a kind in its class.

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Rating: 2.6/5
53 users voted