Used 2012 Renault Wind Convertible Coupe Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Renault Wind Convertible Coupe

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 Pros Two different engine options allow drivers to decide how much horse power they need without having to make alterations to the car after the purchase is made.

 Pros The comfort and convenience of the driver is first and foremost in the design. There are features that assure the comfort of the passenger, but the design focus is centered on the driver.

 Pros Great safety features are provided for both the driver and the passenger despite the fact that this model is definitely not a family car where the extra protection might be needed most. Some car models provide only basic safety but this one keeps safety at the forefront at all times.

 Pros The Renault Wind Gordini Convertible Coupe is affordable enough for the average consumer to enjoy without breaking the bank. This makes it even more appealing to the general public than the flashy colors and overall design.

 Pros Drivers will maintain pretty good overall control of the vehicle despite the sometimes sloppy steering that it provides. Although steering is not really the issue, the response that it gives the driver is.

 Pros This convertible has all generations covered despite the fact that it is not a family car. It provides the flashy style and speed for younger generations and the quiet enjoyment that older generations look forward to when they decide on a vehicle.

 Cons Noisier than some models that might be purchased, the faster the car goes the louder it gets. Although the handling is good, it will likely to be hard to hear the person in the passenger seat once the vehicle is up to speed.

 Cons Most of the upgrades are purely cosmetic ones. The manufacture may have debuted a new look to the same car, but the features provided are consistent with the ones in the version before it.