Used 2012 Renault Twingo Gordini Hatchback Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Renault Twingo Gordini Hatchback

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 Pros Practical enough for every generation and sporty enough for even the youngest drivers to want to be seen in, the Twingo Gordini offers style in several different color options.

 Pros It provides all of the interior features that keep the occupant comfortable and happy as standard features, making the cost to purchase it much more reasonable than if they had to be added in as options.

 Pros Optional features are offered to make the Gordini sportier for those that prefer a sporty car to a "family" car.

 Pros Safety features are standard on all versions. Although there are more optional safety features on other versions, the basic safety needs are met in a single purchase.

 Pros Environment friendly with lower emissions and better fuel consumption than some versions.

 Pros Very versatile in the fact that despite the small size, the seats are each individual features that can be folded down for more room or adjusted to fit individual passengers.

 Pros Despite all of the features that it comes with, the Twingo Gordini is affordable enough for almost anyone to purchase.

 Pros It takes small children into consideration even though it is too small for larger families, which makes it safer for smaller families that are looking for a safe purchase.

 Cons Aerodynamics is not as great as they could be because of the overall style of the exterior body of the car.

 Cons Poor lighting in the interior because of smaller window ranges and tinted windows which are darker in the back. This makes for poor lighting for passengers even when it is not so bad for the individuals in the front seat.

 Cons Very small inside and out. Because of the compact size, there is not a lot of room for storage and passengers at the same time.

 Cons Handling could be improved. Although the current handling is not horrible, there are other versions that do much better.