Used 2012 Renault Symbol / Thalia Sedan Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Renault Symbol / Thalia Sedan

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The Renault Symbol/Thalia Sedan is built by the French car manufacturer, Renault. It is an elegant car that is well-balanced and very appealing. It is comfort ranges beyond words. This car is perfect to take on vacation or out to the country on the weekends. It is also excellent for the professional business person as well. The Symbol was made after the very popular sedan car, the Renault Clio. It is also known as the Renault Thalia and the Nissan Platina.

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The Symbol has three different equipment levels to choose from. They are the Authentique, Expression and the Privilege. It is a very economical car to drive because it has very low fuel consumption and is cheap to service and run. Servicing and oil changes are done with less frequency than other models of sedans. You can purchase the Symbol with a diesel or gasoline engine. It is a little strange that a car that is as elegant as the Symbol is so economical. You would expect that the cost to run this vehicle would be more expensive; however this is not the case. This is good though because someone who needs an elegant vehicle but can't really afford the price tag associated with it should definitely consider purchasing the Symbol.

the reason the Symbol is so cost efficient to run is because of the new servicing policy which Renault introduced. Sparkplugs, the timing belt and drive can be changed later so you get more miles. The filter is also made to last a lot longer. These changes make this car a great economical choice to own and keep this car on the road. This car does have to have its maintenance done on time though so do make sure you read the owner's manual completely.

The Symbol is made to handle the roads with an amazing comfort level. It glides over rough spots in the roads and handles the corners with ease. A part of the comfort of the Symbol comes with its being so quiet it is like being in a sound proof car with you and your music. The Symbol comes with a superb stereo system for your listening pleasure. You can also plug in your MP3 and iPod or iPhone into the port, making your ride even more enjoyable as you will be able to listen to all your favorite music.

The Symbol is a great looking car everyone will think that you paid a lot more than you actually did when they see it all your friends will be impressed. The Symbol is a great family car that is spacious enough for the entire family and yet is comfortable enough for the daily drive to and from work but with a price tag that is not going to make your bank account look pitiful and yet is still a powerhouse under the hood. The interior of the Symbol is very elegant but yet it is also practical and can withstand the daily abuse a family can give it.

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Rating: 2.2/5
34 users voted