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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Renault Modus Wagon

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The ultimate in family cars, the Renault Modus Wagon is large enough to comfortably hold five people and provides everything a person could ask for. A crossover between a super-mini and a MAV, it provides much more than the typical family car might. From the way that it rides on the road to the entertainment that it comes equipped with, there are many things about the Modus that draws in consumers. The exterior styling provides something that families will be more than happy to be seen in, and the inside provides enough comfort to keep everyone happy for long journeys. Safety is one of the features that Renault takes seriously on all of their cars, and the Modus Wagon is no different. The safety of all passengers is taken into consideration from the brakes used to stop to the features required in the case of an accident. There is no detail left behind when the design was drawn up for this model. Appreciated by members of every age group, the Renault Modus Wagon is a stylish family car that is designed to last well beyond the last payment.

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The design of the Renault Modus Wagon may focus on passenger safety and comfort, but performance is an important factor when purchasing any car. If the car cannot live up to its performance then there is no use spending the money on it. The performance of the Renault Modus Wagon is pretty good considering the overall size of the vehicle and horse power that is available. With various engine options to choose from, the maximum horse power is much less than it could be, but plenty for what it needs to be. The overall handling is decent if not great and what it lacks in handling is definitely made up for in the overall style and comfort of the interior. Settling in for a long drive is easy when there is room for everyone to have their own space and the Modus Wagon does exactly that. There is plenty of room for luggage, and the rear seats can be slid forward to make more room when necessary. Although sliding the seats forward means less room for rear passengers, sometimes it might be necessary. Families vary in size, and the Renault Modus Wagon realizes that as well as the need for great handling.

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Rating: 2.5/5
40 users voted