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Trims & Features of the 2012 Renault Megane GT Sedan

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The chassis that has been incorporated with the Renault Megane GT Sedan is much the same as the Coupe version and again brings to mind the word "sporty"; it is worth noting that the ride height with this chassis has been lowered by just less than half an inch, which further facilitates the driving experience.

At this stage, do bear in mind that the Renault Megane GT Sedan is not to be confused with the GT line, this model is entirely different. It has been reported that the GT line is a little tired when it comes to the body work however, does still have a chassis that saves it from being completely disregarded by Renault fans.

The Renault Megane GT Sedan is reminiscent of the Clio Rsi which first hit the market in the 90's however, this new model is way more radical (as would be expected, considering we are now in the early 2000's). The 2.0 liter petrol engine will provide you with 178bhp and, if you prefer diesel this also comes in 2.0 liters and has 158php. This makes the Renault Megane GT Sedan a great all rounder, whether you like to zip about town or are involved in making a daily commute down the highway.

As standard you will get a chassis that has been slightly tweaked in order to give you that extra flexibility when cornering. You will also benefit from wheels and tires that are 18 inches in size. There have been some little upgrades to the exterior trim that add to the "sporty" feel, however, does not make it look like you are on the road simply to burn up the tarmac.

Going back to the engines for one moment, you will find that the steering is accurate and very responsive; it also has a throttle action that can be set to on or off. When looking at the torque on the Renault Megane GT Sedan, you will expect to get between 2,000 and 3,000rpm whether you have a petrol or diesel engine. Any of you that are interested in this particular piece of information will understand that the exhilaration you feel when driving will be heightened and actually makes this car way faster than you might first realize.

The Renault Megane GT Sedan can reach a speed of 62mph in just 7.8 seconds and has a top speed of 140mph; this is plenty of oomph for anyone who wants a little bit of spark about their car. When looking at fuel consumption you can expect to get a little less than 33mpg and the CO2 emissions are set at 178g per half mile. This covers any legal regulations that have been put in place.

If you are interested in buying the top of the range Renault Megane GT Sedan then you will get the exclusive GT badge on the front grille and the GT sport badge on the tail gate. Inside the GT badging continues with the emblem emblazoned into the dashboard and also the head rests of the driver and front passenger seats. On top of this, you will also get the Renault Sport branding on the sills of the doors. When you are driving the Renault Megane GT Sedan, the steering wheel is thick and has leather trim and also has a neat little perk in that you have thumb rests. This all adds to the comfort of your driving experience, especially when you are undertaking a long trip.

If storage is what you are after the Renault Megan GT Sedan will not let you down. The boot is 372 liters in size, which is plenty of room for holiday luggage, whether you are off on a long haul flight or just going into the mountains for the weekend. As standard, you will also get a climate control system and a satellite navigation system, which further assists in value for money.

When looking at the comfort factor of the Renault Megane GT Sedan whilst on the highway, it has been designed so that noise from the wheels or the air is kept to a minimum, you will not find that you have to turn up the stereo in order to hear your favorite track.

If you are looking for a car that will not let you down when it comes to performance, looks good from the outside and inside however, is not "over the top" when it comes to the sporty look the Renault Megane GT Sedan is the car for you. You can expect to pay approximately US$40,000 for the standard model. If you have some extra cash lying around after you have made your purchase there are various upgrades available as well.

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Rating: 1.9/5
22 users voted