Used 2012 Renault Megane GT Line Sedan Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Renault Megane GT Line Sedan

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 Pros The Renault Megane GT Line Sedan provides comfort and style without a lot of frills. Simple statements are made with the smaller detail changes such as the paint trim and grill styles instead of changing the entire vehicle.

 Pros It maintains its family car stance even while sporting fancier features on the interior as well as the exterior. It provides room for the family and a safe ride with all of the confidence that is required of a family vehicle.

 Pros Better handling for all different road conditions are provided with the use of a sport chassis and added stability features, making the car feel like a sport vehicle that can still be used for family outings and day to day errands.

 Pros A smaller engine provides better fuel economy and the power that is needed in order to get up and go when it needs to. This provides drivers with the feeling of power in a well-controlled vehicle making it even more comfortable to drive.

 Pros There are many features that add convenience to the overall interior design of the car, making it easier to drive for longer trips.

 Cons The larger front seats take room away from the rear passengers. Although this may not be an issue for families with small children, but bigger passengers may have less leg room than they might need.

 Cons In order to receive the GT Line, buyers have no choice but to purchase all of the options that come with the original Megane. To some buyers they may be purchasing features that they do not need or want in order to get something that they do.

 Cons There is only one engine option for the Renault Megane GT Line Sedan. Although this engine provides power and fuel economy, there are other engines that could be used that do the same thing. This makes the car less customizable than other models.