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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Renault Megane GT Line Sedan

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There is no better option when deciding on features for a vehicle than the option of choosing the car itself, and the GT Line does exactly that. The GT Line is in actuality the final upgrade when it comes to vehicle options, and is a Sport package that can be added to any vehicle in the Renault Megane family. The Renault Megane GT Line Sedan is a five door hatchback that includes all of the optional and standard features of the original Megane in addition to some upgrades of its own. The GT Line is only available when all of the top end specifications are chosen, however, and there are minor changes to the overall look of the original car. One of the changes underneath is that there is now only one engine option for the Renault Megane GT Line Sedan, but the one that comes with it is sure to get the job done. Although the minor changes are made, the overall appearance still sports sophistication and style while providing great aerodynamics. The interior gets an overhaul as well, but every detail that has been changed only adds to the comfort and convenience that buyers look for.

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Finding fault with the inside of the Renault Megane GT Line Sedan is almost impossible, because everything has been given the GT Line touch. Everything from the above average stereo to the leather seats gives the GT Line Megane all of the upgrades it needs to be one of the most comfortable family cars around. The front two seats have taken an upgrade to make them larger and more comfortable, which means that there is a little less leg room for the rear passengers, but it still sports a ton of overall comfort. Even the bumps in the road cannot jar the passengers of the Renault Megane GT Line Sedan because of the lower and tighter suspension that keeps it hugging the roads at every turn. The GT Line Megane provides a smooth ride that even feels stable no matter how sharp the corners are. There is no doubt that there are changes to the original Megane Sedan with the GT Line, but the ride is smoother, the seats are more comfortable and there are plenty more convenient features to make the ride go by faster.

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Rating: 2.2/5
23 users voted