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Trims & Features of the 2012 Renault Megane Coupe

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The interior of the Megane Coupe has a lot to offer. The sport quality seats are very supportive and hold you in place comfortably when turning corners. The seats and steering wheel are very adjustable, so you can easily find the position you like the best. The dashboard isn't cluttered, however the stereo may be a bit difficult to operate, and the rear visibility isn't very good due to a miniscule back window.

You may be able to get in and sit down alright, but there's very little headroom compared to the Coupe's rivals. It's even worse for the back seat passengers, as the sloping roof restricts space even more, preventing those above six feet from sitting up straight. Not to mention that the legroom is also pretty poor. At least the boot is a good shape and size, if you can get anything past the opening.

The Coupe has a vast array of equipment, which ever version you get. The Entry-level Expression trim includes air-conditioning, alloy wheels, electric front windows and heated door mirrors. Dynamic Tom-toms offer sat-nav, cruise control, automatic wipers and lights, and an upgraded stereo with auxiliary input and Bluetooth. Top-of-the-range is the GT Line Tom-tom, which not only has a unique look, but has lots of gadgets too including door mirrors which fold electronically and a dual-zone climate control.

The petrol range starts at 109bhp but it's better to use the two turbo charged petrol engine. Renault says that the 177bhp can reach 0.62 miles per hour in 7.8 seconds with a top speed of 142mph; however, this claim looks doubtful. If you have a CVT transmission, a 138bhp 2.0 is also available. If you prefer diesel, the line-up is 89 and 109bhp 1.5-liter units, or you could have a 1.9 with 128bhp and a 158bph 2.0. It's a heavy car, weighing 1320 kilograms but the really disappointing factor is the power deliverance. There's not excitement as the turbo builds up and after the power peaks the thrust just peters away.

The handling is much better. It has good control and absorption over small bumps, dips and crests, making it a great highway cruiser, and there's been a lot of effort into improving the electric power steering. There's a variable-assistance set-up, light when parking, and weightier the faster you go. The steering is very responsive and accurate, and with tighter corners information is gathered about the grip levels and surface conditions, so there's no need to adjust when turning. It's very nimble, and offers a pleasant natural balance at high speeds. However, the Coupe suspension is much stiffer and lower than the five-door models (about 12mm), so those bumps in the road might be much more of a pain. Is it better than other cars in its class? No, but it's certainly decent enough.

The main problem is the actually enjoyment of the drive. The line may tighten a bit with a mid-corner lift off, but the throttle just isn't that adjustable, and it's hard to get involved. It's a good, practical car, but not good for a fun ride. The VW Scirocco is much better.

If there's one thing Renault prides itself upon, it's the safety record, and the Coupe is no exception, having been given a five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating. There are the standard front, side and curtain airbags and stability control, along with front seat airbags to prevent you slipping under the seatbelts in a crash. To reduce the risk of thievery, the Coupe includes the usual deadlocks and alarm that are incorporated into all the Megane models.

Another great thing about the Megane Coupe is the price. Compared to its chief competitors such as the Volkswagen Golf or the Ford Focus, the Coupe is much cheaper and offers a very attractive discount. The running costs are also reasonably cheap, as the diesel engines are clean and economical. Unfortunately the resale values aren't exactly desirable, however that would not prevent you from passing it through your family

The Renault Megane Coupe is a very stylish car, both inside and out, with an elegant chassis that gives an overwhelming feeling of presence on the road and a classy, comfortable cabin, and improvement over the five-door model. Unfortunately, this sacrifices a lot of much missed space, especially in the leg area and the back of the car. The engines are smooth and quiet, and the great handling offers a good highway drive, but there isn't much fun or involvement in the actual ride. If you want a reasonably priced car with good steering, an attractive body and a reliable safety system, then this might be the car for you. Just don't plan on having any long car journeys any time soon.

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Rating: 2.2/5
39 users voted