Used 2012 Renault Logan Sedan Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Renault Logan Sedan

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 Pros A modern feel is provided by the way the Logan sits and the overall design. This makes it more likely to appeal to younger generations as well as older generations because they are getting something that not only does what they need it to but does not look too bad when they are seen in it.

 Pros The Logan is one of the most affordable in its class considering all of the features that it comes with and the fact that it is such a modern vehicle. There are not really any other cars that offer so many features at such a low price.

 Pros Safety is a consideration that is taken seriously for both the driver and the passengers, making it easy for everyone who rides in it to feel secure. From the features underneath the Logan to those that are on the interior, including the design of comfort features, there is no detail that has not been thought of.

 Pros Interior features are provided that cannot easily be found standard in more modern vehicles, such as the ashtray. Because it is removable it makes the Logan more personal for individual drivers.

 Pros Great road handling abilities makes the Logan easy to drive in all weather conditions without having to worry about losing control on the simplest roads.

 Pros The design of the Logan is environmentally friendly and is 95% recyclable when it can simply no longer be driven.

 Pros There is a wide range of exterior colors to choose from, where other models have only two or three. This makes it more likely for potential buyers to take a second look because they have more say in what they are receiving.

 Cons Additional accessories such as the tow bar and the roof racks cost additional money and they are features that are likely to be used by families and individuals that travel.

 Cons Servicing may be a little more expensive than some models of cars if the owners have it serviced the way the manufacturer suggests. Although this is not an issue for everyone, it can be if the work is not done on time or properly.