Used 2012 Renault Laguna GT Sedan Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Renault Laguna GT Sedan

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Family Car
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 Pros There are both active and passive safety features in order to allow for more passenger protection while traveling. Everything from the brakes to the seatbelts has been fitted to keep every passenger safe no matter what comes their way.

 Pros Electronic stability control allows for more control on all different road conditions, even if the driver can feel a little pull before it kicks in. The overall road handling is precise and controlled.

 Pros The sporty interior allows for comfort and convenience while riding in style. Although there is plenty of room for the family, there is definitely no need for it to be the same boring family car as the other models.

 Pros Reasonably priced, but there could be more family options considering its family car status. For the options that do exist though it is a pretty good deal overall.

 Pros The overall look of the exterior is attractive and can say many different things about the driver. Even though it is large enough for the entire family, the outside seems to say fun times.

 Pros Fuel consumption is decent considering the sport features that give the Laguna GT the power that it has.

 Cons The most driving stability comes when the car reaches over 60 miles per hour. This just does not seem like a reasonable speed considering the fact that it is a family car, not a sports vehicle.

 Cons There does not seem to be as many family options as there could be. Although the interior is a sport classy, it should say family a little louder in order to boost sales and cater to the generation that it was designed for.

 Cons There are only two engine options, both of which provide a lot of horse power that is not necessarily needed on a family car. Buyers do not get the option of a smaller engine, making the Renault Laguna GT Sedan more of a sport car instead of family transportation.