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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Renault Kangoo Be Bop Van

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The Kangoo Be Bop Van is manufactured by the French car manufacturer, Renault. At first look, the Be Bop Van looks like a toy car. It is so very cute looking that it just doesn't look like it could possibly be real. However, Renault has not been in the car manufacturing business just to produce something that doesn't look different or out of this world. Renault is notorious for putting the fun back into their vehicles.

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The Kangoo Be Bop started out as a concept van in 2007. It is designed for the people that want something different, something out of the ordinary. Renault wanted the production model to look very close to its concept design and they have definitely succeeded in this goal. The Kangoo Be Bop has a convertible roof, which has not been done on any other van, making the Be Bop a very unique van. It is kind of a cross between a jeep and a toy car. The convertible roof is the same roof that Renault produced on the concept car. Renault designed the roof so that the roof panels filter out the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The Kangoo be Bop is definitely a fascinating little van and anyone who wants a little adventure in their life should seriously consider purchasing one. It would definitely spice anyone's life up. The Kangoo be Bop is going to appeal more to the younger crowd because of the uniqueness of it. However, there is nothing to say that a retired senior couple could not enjoy themselves immensely while touring around in it. It would be a very economical little van to drive and very comfortable too. You wouldn't think twice about running up to the ocean for the weekend and then taking it down south the next. You will never tire of its uniqueness and you will think of places that you will need to go in it just so you can get in it and drive it.

The Kangoo be Bop makes a good first vehicle for someone just getting out of college and stepping into the working world. It would also appeal to the young couple who are just trying to have some fun before they settle down and have a family and other responsibilities to take care of. It would be the hit of the neighborhood and so much fun too. There was a time when cars were fun to drive and the be Bop brings back this fun in an innovative and stylish way. The Kangoo be Bop would definitely be far from boring and you will have people stopping you in the streets wanting to take a look at your cool little van.

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Rating: 2.6/5
30 users voted