Used 2012 Renault Grand Scenic Wagon Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Renault Grand Scenic Wagon

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 Pros Roomy enough for the average family, there is plenty of storage and leg room for everyone to enjoy the trip no matter where they are going. With seven seats and room to spare for cargo space the possibilities are endless.

 Pros Road handling has not been compromised despite the fact that the Grand Scenic has been designed bigger in order to accommodate more seats. The stability programs and safety features have been calibrated to ensure that they work just as well with a larger vehicle as they would have in something smaller.

 Pros Standard features provide state of the art equipment without the cost that might be otherwise associated with it if purchased elsewhere.

 Pros Equipment on board the Grand Scenic is designed with the driver in mind and adds a little more safety by making the interior a little more hands free so that drivers can focus on the road in front of them.

 Pros Safety features are found in both the interior and the exterior in order to make any road worth traveling. Even the bumpers and side panels have equipment added (sometimes optional) in order to make the Grand Scenic even safer than before.

 Cons The overall design of the Grand Scenic is not really that different from the original Scenic. Although there is not really much of a price difference, there is essentially no difference in the equipment line so it really is only worth the upgrade if the extra seats are needed.

 Cons The additional child seats are located in the cargo compartment. This is not somewhere that parents would typically let their children ride, and for many parents it may very well seem unsafe in the event of a rear end collision.

 Cons Limiting the practicality of space, the middle row of seats is removable but not foldable. Although they can be removed when the extra space is needed they are really heavy and inconvenient, and they are not designed to simply fold down for temporary space.