Used 2012 Renault Grand Scenic Wagon Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Renault Grand Scenic Wagon

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With the greatest leg room for all passengers and a long list of beneficial features to offer drivers a safe and comfortable ride, the Renault Grand Scenic Wagon provides everything buyers could want in a family vehicle. The primary difference between the Grand Scenic and its predecessor is the seating arrangement. In order to accommodate the extra passengers, the Grand Scenic is slightly longer than the original, but the overall feel is quite. It provides a roomy interior with all of the features to make driving fun and convenient while maintaining its ability to handle any road conditions that it comes across.

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The similarities between the vehicles in the Scenic line are plentiful, but there are minor differences that should be taken into consideration when choosing the Renault Grand Scenic Wagon. Most notably, the seating is different. The Grand Scenic has more seats available for families, including two child-size seats in the rear. Standard equipment between the two is also very similar, as are the options that are available. There are thirteen different versions of the Grand Scenic, and each comes with its own set of standard features.

The 2012 Renault Grand Scenic Wagon is powered by a 1.6-liter dCi 130 engine, which is a debut for the ENERGY line. This thoughtful engine is able to reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions due to the presence of regenerative braking and Stop and Start feature. The ride is beyond smooth. The suspension has been created in such a way that bumps and holes in the road are absorbed like a sponge. So, even sleeping children in the very back won't be awakened by road blemishes. As far as handling is concerned, the Grand Scenic Wagon is balanced and surprisingly controlled. For the size of the vehicle, it takes sharp turns quite well. To assist in driving, a hill assist feature has been generously included. Of course, one thing most passengers will greatly appreciate is the fact that the cabin is virtually silent.

As you would expect from this line, the Renault Grand Scenic Wagon is a reliable vehicle. This is one that you buy when you are hauling precious cargo on a daily basis. To complement the reliability, it also boasts an extensive list of safety features, including some that you don't typically see standard on vehicles in this class. For example, a camera controls the headlights and switches back and forth from low and high beams for you. It also detects lane markings and offers an audio signal when you begin to cross the line.

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Rating: 1.9/5
31 users voted