Used 2012 Renault Grand Modus Wagon Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Renault Grand Modus Wagon

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 Pros Both the cabin and the rear passenger seats are spacious enough to provide comfort on long trips while still being practical.

 Pros Storage is plenty regardless of the position of the rear seats making it possible to maintain the comfort of every passenger while traveling.

 Pros Safety is taken into consideration in the overall design. Passengers are protected with both interior and exterior features so that they are covered no matter where impact occurs, providing them with security that they need.

 Pros Decent fuel consumption is provided with all of the engine options even though some may do better than others in the long run.

 Pros Great visibility through both the front and rear windows which are large enough to provide the illusion of more space while allowing drivers to see everything that they need to.

 Pros Very affordable car model with low servicing costs and insurance rates, not to mention the lower fuel consumption and overall running costs.

 Pros Wind and road noise is limited because of the refinement that was put into the design and even the engine noise is kept to a minimum.

 Cons Bulky pillars for the front window can get in the way while driving.

 Cons Steering wheel only adjusts for height which means that the seat will need to be adjusted and may cause discomfort for some drivers.

 Cons The overall look of the interior is as basic as they come without spending extra on soft touch options that are available. This may not be a make it or break it feature, but it can be a turn off for some potential buyers.

 Cons Although it is designed with comfort in mind, there is more body roll when taking corners than other cars because of the soft suspension and overall size. Even the steering is basic, making it a comfortable family car and not really fun to drive.