Used 2012 Renault Fluence Sedan Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Renault Fluence Sedan

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 Pros The Renault Fluence Sedan is roomy enough to carry the entire family without running out of room and cramping everyone's style. There is also plenty of room in the trunk to store everyone's luggage while on the journey to wherever they are going.

 Pros Safety features are provided for every passenger, including up to six airbags. There are both passive and active features that allow drivers to ensure absolute safety during every trip around town.

 Pros Great handling is provided by several stability options that are both standard and optional. From the suspension that it sits on to the programs available to assist the braking system, the Fluence makes driving much more fun.

 Pros Interior features allow both drivers and passengers to be comfortable while maintaining the practicality that is needed in a family vehicle. Everything from the stereo to the seats is taken into consideration when designing the inside.

 Pros Driver convenience is given plenty of consideration in the ease of access for all controls. This makes it easier to allow drivers to concentrate more on the road and less on what is going on around them.

 Pros Even though the overall design is simpler than on some versions, the Fluence still provides a sleek style that provides plenty of feedback for the driver to make sound decisions in the way they are driving.

 Cons Engine options, although plenty, may be too much for some individuals. Although there are plenty of options for different driving experiences and fuel economy, too many options can confuse buyers and simply make them more frustrated.

 Cons The simple design is often deceiving when it comes to the details of the Renault Fluence Sedan. Although there are many convenient features, the simple design often gives a false impression, leaving less people wanting to take a second look.