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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Renault Fluence Sedan

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Rating: 2.3/5
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When looking for something that gets passengers from one point to another during the day the Renault Fluence Sedan is one of the better options. It has amazing driving abilities that allow drivers to feel comfortable with the control that they have and it keep everything practical for day to day use. There are many options that can be chosen to customize the car for individual families, but there are features that come included that keep the interior simple and easy to use while maintaining the sleek elegance that make it attractive to buyers. Both the interior and the exterior are designed with consumers in mind, making it easy to use under just about any driving conditions and comfortable enough to be in for longer periods of time when it is necessary. The overall ride is smooth and precise and fuel economy is taken into consideration with a wide range of engines to choose from. Even the interior of the Renault Fluence Sedan is designed with easy handling in mind. All of the controls that a driver might need are easily within reach and much more convenient than in some cars.

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More compact than some sedans, the Renault Fluence Sedan is roomy enough for up to five passengers to be seated comfortably, with enough trunk space to carry everyone's luggage. There are features that could be added, as with almost any car that can be purchased, but there are also enough standard features for drivers and passengers to be comfortable for the entire ride. From the chassis and suspension systems that are installed underneath the Fluence to the anti-lock brakes that are used to stop it, drivers are sure to have a very responsive ride. While the handling might be good though, there are safety features for the driver and all passengers that make it even better. There are many features that some consumers might find frivolous, but there are those that ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on board. When looking for a car that has the ability to almost do it all, the Renault Fluence Sedan has just about everything that a buyer might need. The comfort to sit through anything, safety to prevent injuries in the event of an accident, and the handling and economy that make buyers happy with their purchase.

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Rating: 2.3/5
20 users voted