Used 2012 Renault Espace Minivan Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Renault Espace Minivan

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 Pros There is plenty of room for passengers and luggage. Considering the size this may seem obvious but that is not always the case and the Espace offers the room of a larger van without the look.

 Pros Safety features have been given consideration for all passengers. Crash tests have proved that every passenger is safe in the event of a collision, better even than some other cars in its class.

 Pros Interior features provide comfort and convenience while driving without many of them having to be added as options.

 Pros The quality of both the exterior and interior is very family friendly. Buyers will not have to worry about the inside being torn up from the roughness associated with children, which means it will last a little longer and get a little more use.

 Pros The Espace Minivan is cool and stylish for every driver, making the "kid carrier" one that can be driven by cool dads as well as soccer moms.

 Cons Overall road handling leaves something to be desired. Although it drives well under normal conditions, it does not have the stability to take corners at higher speeds.

 Cons The cost of owning the Renault Espace Minivan is higher than one might expect. Between the initial purchase price, which is higher than others in its class, and service and running costs, buyers should be certain that the have the ability to maintain the vehicle once they get it home.

 Cons Optional features are quite pricy considering the cost of the vehicle with the standard features in place. There may not be a lot of options, but the ones that are available may not be worth the asking price.

 Cons Although there is plenty of seating, moving the seats to make more room in the trunk means removing them completely. There is not a lot of give in the design of the rear seats which could make some traveling more difficult to do.