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By now, the name "Renault Clio" is known by nearly everyone across the world. The company itself has a worldwide reputation second to none, and easily competes with some of the largest and most popular manufacturers, especially Nissan. When shopping for a car that is stylish but not flashy, safe yet fun to drive and reliable yet youthful, you will not go wrong with a Renault.

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The Renault Clio Sedan was first released back in 1999, however in certain countries you will find that the name is not actually Renault Clio Sedan, but in fact Renault Clio Symbol. Although this can be quite confusing when trying to find information on one or the other, rest-assured that they are the same vehicle. Originally, this model was developed in order to service developing countries where the market preferred sedans over hatchbacks; this was especially true at the time throughout Europe.

Due to the high demand for the Renault Clio Sedan, it was soon made more widely available, and although there have been a number of modifications to the model over the years; this demand has continued to increase. Some modifications took place around three years later in 2002. The car manufacturing industry was changing at that time. Not only were tweaks being made in appearance, consumers were becoming more environmentally conscious, so manufactures began making drastic changes to improve fuel-economy and CO2 emissions.

At this time the Renault Clio Sedan was updated on the exterior to keep up with modern trends. It was also improved in the way of safety by being given certain features, especially airbags. These wonderful safety features that are now pretty much expected to be standard on most vehicles were just making their debut at the time.

Again in 2006 the Renault Clio Sedan was modified with an interior facelift and the addition of air conditioning and CD player as standard features. It was then that Renault was trying to attract consumers outside of its comfortable target audience.

More modifications came along in 2008, and the new Renault Clio Sedan was first released in Moscow as it made its grand debut at the auto show there. Features that where shown off at the time was a new chrome trimmed rear fascia and front grille, and it was powered by an engine similar to that of the very well-known and appreciated Dacia Logan.

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Rating: 2.1/5
20 users voted