Used 2012 Renault Clio Gordini Sedan Trims & Features

Trims & Features of the 2012 Renault Clio Gordini Sedan

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For a start the wing mirrors come in white which contrasts beautifully with the Malta blue metallic finish of the car. It has a Formula 1 style bumper which is finished off in glossy black. The wheels that come with the Renault Gordini Sedan are 17 inches in size and finished off with polished alloy and inner rims that come in black. Brakes by Brembo come as standard and you will have the benefit of a 200 horsepower engine which is 2.0 liters in size.

If you want to, you can upgrade to a Cup chassis, this has dampers and springs that are for more stiff than that of the suspension on the standard chassis. The calipers that come with this chassis are red in color, which only adds to the overall look. You can also upgrade to an advanced form of steering which is far quicker and you can have the riding height lowered. All of this comes at a price though and can set you back as much as US$600 plus. Having said that, given what you can achieve by customizing your Renault Clio Gordini Sedan in this way, we feel you get good value for your money.

Other options available to you that do not come as standard is a sunroof that is panoramic and electrically powered. This will cost you about US$960. If you want your inner wheel trims blue in color, this also possible at a cost of approximately US$155.

The Renault Clio Gordini Sedan has been based around the design of the Renault Sport 200. If you fall into the bracket of drivers that are looking for a sporty car that is luxurious but small enough to handle inner city driving, we suggest you test drive one of these. Don't forget that you will also have the advantage of enjoying that unmistakable French flair when looking at the car on the inside and on the outside. From the outside you will also have the "Gordini Series" badge so there will be no mistaking what model of car you are driving.

The interior of the Renault Clio Gordini Sedan has not been overlooked when it comes to design. The beauty from the outside can also be found on the inside. As standard, you will receive seats that are dark grey in color with blue details, along with the Gordini logo embossed into the seats. The fabric, of course, is leather. The blue theme does not stop here, it continues on the gear lever gait and the Gordini badge will also be found on the gear knob. The steering wheel is also finished in leather which is dark grey and blue along with 2 white stripes that indicate the center point. The fascia has a rev counter which is white in color and the whole effect is finished off with air vents, fascia inserts and the center console which comes in shiny black.

Plenty of people have reported that the Renault Clio Gordini Sedan is fabulous fun when it comes to driving it. Due to the genius that Renault employ when designing all the bits you cannot see, it certainly delivers when looking for that perfect driving experience. The front suspension is based on a technology named "Perfohub". This form of technology allows the steering to work independently of the front axis. This, in turn, gives more traction to the vehicle overall and heightens the accuracy of the steering. So if you want to go on a speedy drive down a windy lane, there will no problem with keeping excellent grip on the road.

As explained earlier in this article, there are a fair amount of options open to you in order to make your Renault Clio Gordini Sedan specific to your needs and they cost money. However, there are features that come as standard. For instance, you can expect to have curtain airbags, climate control, headlight and wiper controls that are automatic and cruise control that comes with a limiter. Other features include a Bluetooth system which is hands free and comes with a multi functional USB connection, folding door mirrors which are heated and a hands free card which will allow you to unlock the car and start the engine. Your steering column is fitted with a reach and height adjustment and your rear windows are tinted, further adding to the overall look.

When it comes to color, you are not limited to the dark grey and blue. The Renault Clio Gordini Sedan also comes in Glacier white complete with the Gordini stripes, wing mirrors and front blade that are anthracite. You can also have the sedan in pearl black and this comes with the Gordini stripes in white.

All in all, this vehicle is a little masterpiece of design and will not let you down.

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Rating: 2.4/5
33 users voted