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Rating: 2.3/5
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German luxury brand Porsche has always been known for its feisty and sleek sports cars, and the Porsche Boxster coupe certainly continues this tradition in the most positive of ways. The Porsche Boxster first appeared in late 1996 and held the name of the Boxster 986. This Boxster was later followed by a Boxster S variant in 2000, styling upgrades to both in 2003, and a new generation of Boxsters (the Boxster 987) by 2005. The Boxster holds the honor of being the first roadster built by Porsche since the iconic 550 Spyder. More powerful than its predecessor and featuring unique styling inspired by the Porsche Carrera GT, the type 987 was a sight to behold. In 2009, it received several performance and cosmetic upgrades. This Porsche's name references the word "boxer," which is seen in the coupe's "boxer" engine and is combined with the word "roadster" (referencing the car's convertible top and 2-seat capacity).

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The Boxster has stayed competitive within its tough market through careful evolution. No huge changes have been since the Porsche's inception, but small changes have been made throughout its existence. Several evolutionary updates and detail changes through the years which have kept the coupe's sales steady, despite the arrival of newer and faster competitors. The latest Boxster became the most powerful of its history, as it holds an available 300 horsepower. Drivers of Boxsters over the years have become extremely dedicated fans of the vehicle, who love its ability to drive hard and fast. There's no real match for it on the market in terms of everything it offers drivers.

For 2012, the Porsche Boxster coupe has a starting MSRP of $49,500- a figure that's much less than competing luxury sports cars. In fact, the Boxster's creation marked a new, less pricey era in Porsche convertible cars. After review, we find the Boxster to be inspiring- both on an emotional level and a more rational performance-based one. The Boxster coupe is fitted with outstanding style for its exterior, but we do have to admit its interior could use a refresh. Though the standard Boxster is powerful enough for most drivers, those that desire more vroom can opt for the sportier S or Spyder variants, or the S Black Edition- which ups both style and performance-but inches closer to looking more like a 911 model. Overall, our review shows that the 2012 Porsche Boxster features impressive handling, a decent price, and fantastic traditional Spyder-like looks. It's a gem, inside and out.

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Rating: 2.3/5
31 users voted