Used 2012 Peugeot 107 Hatchback Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Peugeot 107 Hatchback

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 Pros The Peugeot 107 comes with a simple but honest control panel, with the highlight being the cylindrically shaped control panel that gives of a pleasant glow in the dark.

 Pros Peugeot do not hide behind the fact that their 107 is inexpensive present anything remotely appearing to be a sub-standard finish instead presenting a solid feel for their compact.

 Pros Despite being a very basic vehicle as far as trim is concerned, , the 107 does provide just about enough in terms of basic creature comforts to make a short to medium journey reasonably agreeable.

 Pros According to most reviews the Peugeot 107 drives well for such a small car.

 Pros The Peugeot's tiny three cylinder petrol engine makes a semi-pleasant growling sound which some reviews claim adds to the 107's charm.

 Pros The Peugeot 107's neat dimensions and sharp turning circle make it a great car to have in a tight space.

 Cons The Peugeot 107 will take over 14 seconds to get to 60mph

 Cons The Peugeots 107's driving position can be a challenge because the steering column can only be adjusted vertically

 Cons The Peugeot 107 comes without the possibility to adjust the driver's seat height

 Cons The Peugeot 107 emanates excessive road and wind noise when driven out of town.

 Cons The Peugeot 107 has been the target of some negative reviews due to its sluggish steering.