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The Nissan Z Coupe, also referred to as the 370Z, is the latest in a long line of well respected sports coupes. Successor the 350Z, this model is actually the sixth generation of vehicles to stem from the popular Z line by Nissan Motors. The Z line originated in the 1970s with the sports coupe known as the 240Z. Over the years each subsequent model has been improved upon to uphold the strong legacy that it comes from. The 370Z model was first shown at an event in Los Angeles just prior to its official unveiling at the Los Angeles Auto Show. With a complete redesign, the model was released to replace the 350Z.

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The 3.7 Liter V6 engine in the Nissan Z Coupe is strong and powerful with 332 hp backing it up. Buyers are also given a choice of two transmissions when they decide to purchase the Z coupe. The automatic transmition of seven speeds comes with paddle shifters and the manual transmission of six speeds has the first synchronized down shift rev-matching system known as SynchroRev Match if the Sports Package is chosen. The strong engine and the choice of transmission allows buyers to have even more power from their sports coupe.

One of the biggest selling points of the Nissan Z Coupe is the superior experience that drivers will have. With an engine that can conquer most demands and handling that can navigate even the windiest road, there is a thrill in taking the Z for a long drive. Buyers expect a lot out of a sports coupe and with the 370Z, that is exactly what is given. It offers a comfortable and smooth ride while also providing an experience that delivers much like an expensive sports car. Even the acceleration is quick and smooth. The Nismo trim offers a little less comfort, but is corners better than the other trims so many find it a fair trade. Drivers will even notice that the road noise heard inside the cabin is minimal.

Power is not the only thing that is attractive about the Nissan Z Coupe. From the outside in, this is a sports coupe that could easily mimic a luxury sedan. The design is stylish, sleek and sexy. The cabin has been geared towards the driver and ensuring that they are comfortable. High quality materials were used in the design and that increases the luxurious feel of the interior. With the added features, there is not much lacking on the Z coupe that could be found in higher priced sports coupes. The lack of a backseat could be a problem for families, but for sports car enthusiasts it is acceptable.

There are some disadvantages that come with the Nissan Z Coupe. As mentioned, there is no backseat so taking passengers for a spin is out of the question. It was not designed to be a family car, but instead the sports coupe that is enjoyed by the adults. The engine is quite loud and that can make the ride a bit noisy at times. Drivers will have limited visibility in the back and there is not much space for luggage and gear. All that said, buyers are getting a vehicle with the same power and thrill as a pricey sports car and the luxury of many of today's nicer models. The price is about the cost of an average family sedan.

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Rating: 2.5/5
64 users voted