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The Nissan Maxima Sedan entered the market being advertised as a four door sports car and it has lived up to the reputation. Though it debuted in 1976 as a higher class version of the Bluebird, aptly named the Bluebird Maxima, it wasn't until 1981 when the sedan was given its own line and went only under the name Maxima. The initial release hit the market in 1977 and was available in the US as the Datsun 810. It offered a selection between two engines and one version had a carburetor while the other had a fuel injection engine. The sporty model featured a four speed manual transmission and rear wheel drive and a 2 door coupe model was released in 1979.

Both the Bluebird name and the 810 name were dropped with the first true generation of Nissan Maxima Sedan and it became widely known as simply the Maxima. From day one it was a sedan that gave the feel of a luxury family car. The first front wheel drive version was released with the second generation and a V6 engine was added to the options. It utilized either an automatic or manual transmission and allowed the buyer to gain more choices for their dollar.

A facelift for the 1987 release of the Nissan Maxima Sedan was the first to offer luxury amenities that made the vehicle more of an upscale sedan than the typical family car. With the third generation release, the dimensions increased and that allowed it to move into the mid-size class. It was the first Japanese vehicle to increase the width enough that three passengers could fit comfortably in the rear. The car would receive another redesign for the fourth generation and more style would be added inside and out.

The fifth generation was simply a refresh of the fourth and an engine replacement in 2002. A special 20th anniversary edition hit the market in 2001known as the SE. The sixth generation was sold only in North America and would be the first to feature a skyview fixed glass paneled roof. CVT would replace the transmission choices in 2007 and the look resembled more of the Altima than the original design. The redesigned model for the seventh generation debuted at the New York International Auto Show in 2007 and was built on the popular Nissan D Platform. At this time the interior and exterior had a striking resemblance the luxury Infiniti G and M models.

The Nissan Maxima Sedan is now a full-size car that strikes a perfect balance. For those who want the excitement of a sports car while still having the practicality that comes from a luxury family sedan the Maxima is a viable choice. Not only do people know the name and have a loyalty to the brand, it has brought the benefits of high priced sports cars to the family sedan market. With the popularity of the Maxima, competition has become fierce, but it is still a strong choice for those that want luxury and performance.

One of the strong suits of the Nissan Maxima Sedan is its close resemblance to the Infiniti line of cars. It can virtually equal the higher end brand in performance, luxury and available features. This is perfect for those that want the traits that come with the flashier vehicle without the added expense. Those who have driven the Maxima rate it highly on fun and pleasure during the experience. The acceleration is fast and it handles well in most road conditions.

The Nissan Maxima Sedan doesn't just perform well, it looks nice as well. Like the performance, the style closely resembles its Infiniti relative. It is attractive on the interior with high quality materials making up most of the cabin. The style is sleek and luxurious with plenty of support and comfort available in both the front and rear of the vehicle. The cargo space is a good size and sitting inside feels much like being in a luxury sedan. With driving that resembles a European sports car and features that feel like a top-of-the-line sedan, it is no surprise that the Maxima is a popular choice in its price range.

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Rating: 2.8/5
47 users voted