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The Nissan Frontier Truck line was started in 1998 though it existed under different names based on the location. In North America, Central America, South America and the Philippines the truck is known as the Frontier. In Japan and the remainder of the Asian market it was known as the Navara. It was created to replace the Nissan Hardbody Truck and in 2002 the primary market was North America and production was solely located in Nissan's Tennessee factory. Prior to that, there was a joint production in both the Tennessee factory and one in Japan.

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The platform of the Frontier is the F-Alpha and is shared with such large vehicles as the Titan truck and the Armada SUV. The beginning Frontier was offered only as a four cylinder, but the V6 was added in 1999. When the Frontier debuted a crew cab in 2000 it became the first compact pickup to offer a four door model anywhere in North America. Later when the 2005 model was introduced, the Nissan Frontier Truck was bumped up from a compact pickup truck to a mid-size. It has been marketed as a truck that was both reliable and worthy for work tasks and also for family transportation.

Work is simple with the Nissan Frontier Truck because it has a design that is just rugged enough to handle those difficult tasks. Rough conditions are no match for this truck as it easily navigates both off and on-road conditions. With a strong and powerful V6 and easy handling, there is little that it cannot tolerate well. Drivers will be pleased with the performance and will appreciate the ability to tow up to 6500 pounds with the Frontier. Steering is exact and the suspension is tuned well to ensure that the driving experience is always satisfactory. It even rides quite comfortably for passengers.

Whether the Nissan Frontier Truck is successful for family affairs will depend on which model and style is chosen. The truck does boast ample features and options for a work vehicle, but there are some ways it lacks. Though the interior is designed to ensure comfort along with usefulness, the smaller models are not top choices for regular family transportation. The King Cab, known in most trucks as an extended cab, features a set of fold up jump seats. Though they do provide a place to sit for additional passengers, there is limited leg room and tough positioning when using them. The Crew Cab is a bit larger in the back and offers a large bench for up to three adults. Still, it is uncomfortable for a long ride and anyone besides a child will find the leg room lacking.

The Nissan Frontier Truck is perfect for hauling and great for work tasks. It offers the right blend of power and handling to make it a viable choice for those who need a reliable work vehicle. It will even work for the occasional family transportation. However, it would prove to be uncomfortable and cramped when used regularly by more than the driver and potentially one passenger.

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Rating: 2.7/5
185 users voted