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After nine generations to hit the market around the globe, there are few that haven't heard of the Mitsubishi Galant Sedan. Considered a mid-size family sedan, the Galant has not always fit into this class. At its inception, the Galant was a compact sedan that did not offer the comfort and room of its closest competitors. Today's model is close in size to the other mid-size sedans on the market, but that is generally where the competition ends. In most ways, the Galant simply does not stack up well against the competitors.

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Mitsubishi launched the Galant Sedan in 1969 as a car intended only for the Japanese market under the name of the Colt Galant. It wasn't until 1971 when Chrysler began importing the vehicles that it made its debut in North America. The American version was given the name Dodge Colt which would stick around through several generations of the vehicle. In a brief foray into the style of muscle cars that were popular, Mitsubishi released a coupe model of the Galant in 1970 dubbed the Galant GTO. Though it was later discontinued, the GTO name has since been used on other sports coupes released by Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi Galant Sedan was worldwide by the time the second generation of vehicles was released, but each area had a unique name. The American version was still called the Dodge Colt while Canada had the Plymouth Colt and Plymouth Cricket. Australia saw the same vehicle under the name of Chrysler Valiant Galant and Europe knew it as the Colt Galant. It wasn't until the third generation when the Colt name was dropped and the vehicle was known exclusively as the Galant Sigma. In future generations the Sigma symbol would be dropped and the vehicle would simply become the Galant that it is known as today. Importing continued to allow the Galant to be sold in international markets, but beginning in 1994 the Galant was manufactured for the U.S. market in a facility inside the states. That facility is still in operation in the state of Illinois.

As the size of the Mitsubishi Galant Sedan was upgraded to compete with the other family sedans, the car itself never did take on the features that accompanied most mid-size sedans. One of the biggest noticeable differences between the Galant and the competition is the engine. Where most mid-size sedans boast at least the option of a V6, the Galant continues to have a small 4 cylinder engine. At only 160 horsepower, there isn't enough power behind the motor to accomplish much more than commuting. When this is paired with the traditional four speed automatic transmission, it outdates the performance capabilities of the Galant. Fuel economy on the car isn't the worst available, but it would still measure in at only average. Overall, the car is stylish and affordable but truly outdated. Even the interior is looked at inferior because of the cheap materials used and the lack of support in the back.

There are areas where the Mitsubishi Galant Sedan rates highly among consumers. It is a lightweight car that feels much smaller than it actually is. This allows it to handle well through curves and virtually any type of driving. The powertrain warranty on the Galant is one of the longest available in this class of vehicle. It is as roomy and comfortable as anyone would expect from a family sedan and those who drive it feel it's a fairly smooth ride. Even so, it has yet to be able to compete with other models of mid-size family sedan.

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Rating: 2.8/5
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