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The Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe has been a beloved sports coupe on the American market for over twenty years. Designed exclusively for introduction in America in 1989, the Eclipse began as one of three very similar cars. Through a partnership with the Chrysler Corporation known as Diamond-Star Motors (DSM), three cars that were designed similar and contained interchangeable parts were released. The Eagle Talon, Mitsubishi Eclipse and Plymouth Laser were all three on the market at the same time. As of 2012 the Eclipse is the only one of the three remaining, but production on it was stopped in August of 2011.

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There were four generations of Eclipse released between the years 1989 and 2012 known as 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. Both of the first two generations were quite similar and the parts from each could be used between both models. The 1G model was available until 1994 and came in a choice of four trims. Three of them were front wheel drive with the fourth being the popular all wheel drive model. The top trims were equipped with turbocharged engines that became synonymous with the Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe. The turbocharged engines made it a favored sports coupe among enthusiasts. The 2G model did not change the Eclipse drastically, but did offer different engines for different trims and was the introduction of the convertible option known as the Spyder. The 2G model came with a variety of seven trims including the Spyder and even included a special 10th anniversary edition. In 1999 the '10th Anniversary Oz Rally' was sold and included such features as 16 inch wheels, OZ racing logo, leather interior and a hoop style spoiler.

The 3G model of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe changed the car drastically. The look of the vehicle closely resembled a concept that had been introduced at the North American International Auto Show known as the Mitsubishi SST. Along with the style change, came a major engine change. The sports coupe would no longer have the turbocharged engines it had become known for due to stricter emissions guidelines. It still had seven trims including the Spyder, but many were unhappy with the engine modifications to their favorite sports coupe.

In 2006, the 4G Mitsubishi was introduced with some style and motor changes. The latest generation came only in front wheel drive, with no all wheel drive option, and had only four basic trims to choose from. One could select the GS, GS Sport, SE or GT. There was also a Spyder trim released in 2007. While the Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe had long been sought after, it became a sports coupe that competed with the likes of Honda and Volvo. The stronger engine puts it ahead of most vehicles in the same price range, so it is still often selected by those who want sporty style in their vehicle.

One of the benefits that drivers find in the Mitsubish Eclipse Coupe is that it gives them the excitement they want when traveling along curving roadways, but it still is a reliable daily driver. Regardless of which engine is included, there is enough power to handle all that will be needed from the car. The inside of the vehicle gives the driver a feeling of control with a sleek look and blue backlighting. The curves and angles of the controls and dashboard are enticing and attractive. Driver and front passenger can relax and enjoy the ride in comfort with bucket seats, but rear passengers will have little to brag about. No leg room and a low ceiling in the backseat make this a vehicle that was not intended for passengers.

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Rating: 2.5/5
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