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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman Wagon

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As Mini claims on its website, John Cooper Works Clubman Wagon's looks are inspired from a bulldog. Now that's quite funny because a bulldog is not something that pops into our mind the moment someone is talking about good looks. A bulldog with its short legs, wrinkled skin and funny face is a dog with a difference at best and an ugly canine at worst. Now this is my perspective but for a dog lover, things are probably different. "Hey, we are about to review John Cooper Works Clubman Wagon then why talking about bulldogs?" Sorry folks, all I was trying to say is that is "Bulldog Like Looks" the best sales pitch that John Cooper Works Clubman Wagon can come up with? Well, in the old days it will be too hard for me to convince my girlfriend for a test drive of a car that looks like bulldog. But things are different now, thanks to internet! You can show the pictures of John Cooper Works Clubman Wagon first and tell people it's inspired from a bulldog!

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Now this is funny; many people don't even have an idea that John Cooper Works Clubman Wagon is a bulldog inspired creation. For them, Mini is a one of its kind car, something that is fun to drive but practical like hell. Mini's creator, John Cooper was a professional racer and performance is something that he never wanted to compromise on his cars. However, his thoughts were not in the lines of Ferrari that believed in creating sports cars that are only meant to be driven like hell. For John Cooper, a fun to drive car was sporty with a peppy engine and decent range equipment to make the ride comfortable and when he put this thoughts to action, the first Mini was born. If there is one very car that stays close to his dreams; being the synonym of performance oriented comfort, it is John Cooper Works Clubman Wagon. Read on this review to find out why!

Though John Cooper Works Clubman Wagon can't be regarded as a sports car, it's originally inspired from sports. If you look at the interior of modern day sports cars, let's be honest here, there is nothing fascinating about it. Most cars we review have a couple of switches, GPS navigator and transmission box. These cars do have all the features but manual intervention is not needed in many places, so many switches are eliminated from the dashboard. Now you step into the John Cooper Works Clubman Wagon for a test drive or review, you will be totally confused with its range of switches and toggles. Yes, you read it right, there are toggles too. Even better, the oversized speedometer mounted on center and the optional touchscreen GPS system, John Cooper Works Clubman Wagon looks very much like a helicopter cockpit. Your friends are going to respect you for driving something this 'complicated.' Let everyone know that flying in a sports car is not just about money!

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Rating: 1.7/5
31 users voted