Used 2012 Mini Cooper S Clubman Wagon Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Mini Cooper S Clubman Wagon

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The moment our Cooper S Clubman Wagon for review came to the test ground, I was pulled towards its looks. It's very hard to say Cooper S Clubman Wagon is the best looking wagon one can come across but it's surely the most divergent wagons in our market today. Everyone has a reason to buy a new car. For some of them, it's as simple as addressing their transportation needs while for a few, a car is the reflection of their personality. Cooper S Clubman Wagon, of course, is interested in pulling customers of that sort: the ones that have a taste for unusual designs. Though the Cooper S Clubman Wagon is a stretched out version of Cooper S, it has many unique features that makes it a good looking car, is not a design masterpiece!

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The moment you look at the Cooper S Clubman Wagon from front, there is virtually nothing that makes it different from the regular Cooper but once you change your angle of view, things are totally different. In a quick glance, it's a long Mini; something that struggles hard to do justice to its name! It may look awkward for some while for some, the stretched wheelbase is not that important. However Mini made sure that Cooper S Clubman Wagon is not just a stretched out version of Cooper S but it has some character too. The side doors that open in the opposite direction is a classic example for this: once the doors are open, Cooper S Clubman Wagon has a lot of character to go with its design.

Everything in the car is well placed and the additional length is achieved by engineering excellence. In fact, it's very difficult to say that Cooper S Clubman Wagon is a stretched version of Cooper S. The turbocharged 1.6 L engine that powers Cooper S Clubman Wagon generates 181 HP, good enough to pull the extra mass at ease. The turbocharger produces an extra 60 HP than the Cooper Clubman but Cooper S Clubman Wagon doesn't have any trouble in accommodating these extra horses. The power delivery is even and the car moves like a charm on each gear. In this review, we're quite impressed with the gear ratio. The gear ratio is perfect for both freeway cruising and city driving and compared to the automatic, it makes your Cooper S Clubman Wagon a lot quicker!

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Rating: 1.9/5
20 users voted