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Rating: 2.6/5
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Cooper Convertible is a car with tremendous character and while it's an upgraded version of the last year's model, Cooper Convertible 2012 is still looking fresh, and has such a charming presence. Brits are known for building cars with character, with some of their car brands changing the global perception about automobiles forever. Rolls Royce and Mini are two good examples for this. If Rolls Royce was the ultimate word for luxury, Mini was a great example of modesty and manufacturers across the globe had to learn something from both brands. The 2012 Cooper Convertible, however, not only comes with British persona but it's a great example for German engineering excellence as well; thanks to BMW who owns Mini now!

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Cooper Convertible, at a quick glance, is unquestionably sporty. The styling of this little beauty is beyond doubt distinct; with the exact amount of creative inputs on the body panel. Be it the chrome plated brake lights, headlamps and door handles or the indicators on front mudguard; you will be stunned by the perfection of Cooper Convertible's design. Cooper Convertible reviews, even those with significant negative tone, agree that Cooper Convertible has impeccable styling that many modern cars can only dream of. Chrome is infamous for spoiling the design of a lot of cars but Cooper Convertible is one of those rare cars that have a perfect silhouette with contrasting chrome accents. A good example is the chrome lining that surrounds the door panels and the windshield. It's a wisely added accent and blends well with the Mini Logo and front grill.

Compared to other convertibles from the competition, Cooper Convertible stands out with its different engine options that leave customer with plenty of choice. The naturally aspirated 1.6 L engine that produces 121 HP is the base model that costs $25,650. Though this engine is not a great performer, it produces decent power for a convertible and you will enjoy driving it in and around your city. In many reviews, the added safety features of Cooper Convertible are mentioned with high regard and this doesn't come as a surprise once you look at the features. Electronic Differential Lock Control is the most notable feature that prevents the inner wheel from slipping on tight corners, thus keeping your Cooper Convertible on track regardless of the terrain. Be it snow, sand or tight corners, the EDLC has absolute control over the car.

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Rating: 2.6/5
21 users voted