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Review & Ratings of the 2011 Mercury Milan Hybrid Sedan

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Hybrids are all the rage in vehicle purchases at the moment. The bad news is that most hybrids really are not as efficient or worth the cost as people might initially believe. Most lack quite a bit in one aspect or another. The good news is that the Mercury Milan Hybrid Sedan is one of the few that offers the whole package. There is a downside however. Ford has said they are dropping the Mercury line of vehicles so this hybrid will not available for that much longer. Still, if buyers can get their hands on one of these vehicles they will find that they are pleased.

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As a midsize hybrid the Mercury Milan Hybrid Sedan has quite a bit to offer buyers. It begins with an exterior that is stylish enough to garner attention as it is being driven down the road. The inside is roomy and comfortable and it performs well. Even so, what makes the hybrid range of vehicles so tempting is the fuel efficiency they offer. Unlike many of the competitors, the Milan actually has quite a bit to offer those that buy it. Since it is priced in a way that makes it a viable option for more people there is actually some cost savings to going for this hybrid over a traditional vehicle.

The Mercury Milan Hybrid Sedan is not far removed from its traditional sibling the Milan. As such it offers an interior that makes passengers comfortable. Decked out with materials of high quality, the cabin has the space to easily seat four adults. That means it makes an excellent family vehicle. It may be a bit overwhelming the first time that one steps inside the cabin simply because of everything there is to see. With just a little work it is easy to get past the sheer number of gadgets and get to the business of driving. Overall it is easy to use and much of what is included will prove beneficial.

There is generally no excitement behind the wheel of a hybrid. They lack much in performance and simple pleasure. The Mercury Milan Hybrid Sedan is one of only a few to change that perception. Drivers will find that it is easy to handle out on the roads and the design of the car makes sure that passengers stay comfortable whether the distance is near or far. It won't win a race any time soon, but considering that most hybrids are slow to leave the gate this one isn't so bad in the acceleration department.

Nothing matters more to a hybrid than what is powering it. Unlike a traditional car, the hybrid relies on a combination of gasoline powered and electric powered engines to keep fuel economy at its best. That particular combination will determine what the vehicle can accomplish and how satisfied owners are. With the Mercury Milan Hybrid Sedan the combination is a successful one. There is a 2.5 liter 156 horsepower four cylinder gasoline powered engine that is matched up with an electric motor that gives it a total of 191 horsepower. Like most hybrids, the Milan has a CVT instead of an automatic or manual transmission. Though it could be easy to be deceived by the over eight and a half seconds it takes to reach sixty, it is important to remember that most hybrids take a bit longer. The fuel economy is the shining point for this hybrid. It manages to get 41 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. This is considerable even for a hybrid.

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Rating: 2.3/5
27 users voted