Used 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan

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 Pros The 2010 Grand Marquis seats a passenger more than the usual sedan. It can comfortably fit 3 people in the front row seat and another 3 on the second row.

 Pros The trunk of the Grand Marquis has a volume of 20.6 cubic feet. That is the largest by any car based on reviews. This means more room to fit luggage or stuff that you need to carry around.

 Pros It has that certain appeal of "old school" going for it. Although many of the features of this car didn't get updated over the year, it still attracts a market of people who are trying to reminisce over the older days.

 Cons The price of the 2010 Grand Marquis is too steep. A $29,935 tag price for a car that hasn't changed much since the 1980's doesn't really seem so appealing in reviews.

 Cons In spite of the seemingly good engine, the Grand Marquis doesn't really come to par with performance of most of its contenders in the sedan category. An torque of 275lb-ft is hardly impressive and puts this specification of the Grand Marquis in the bad side of the reviews.

 Cons The fuel economy of the Mercury Grand Marquis is below the average fuel efficiency of other sedans in the market. Surely it has improved over the years but reviews say it still can't compete on this category by today's standards.

 Cons The body-on-frame design of the Grand Marquis makes the car a little shaky.

 Cons Based on reviews, the steering on the Grand Marquis is slow giving the impression that the car is hard to control.

 Cons The 2010 Grand Marquis just can't compete with the power, performance, design and comfort of most of today's modern sedans. Most reviews out there would not even recommend you to purchase this car.