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A medium car, also known as mid-size car is a car classification referred to D segment cars. In most countries, their length limit varies but ideally, a medium car has 4700mm length in Europe and slightly over 4800mm in America. In many countries, a medium car is the 'largest' due to narrow roads and busy traffic. Good examples are countries like India, Japan and Europe where a medium car is relatively big compared to the wide American roads.

Popular Medium Cars in History

Pontiac Tempest - Pontiac Tempest is one of the most successful medium cars in the United States that was in production from 1961 to 1991 with a brief interruption in between. The car was typically powered by 3.2 L, 5.3 L and 6.4 L engines and can't be considered 'medium' in today's standards.

Chevrolet Corvair - Americans nurtured a passion for full sized cars from the very beginning and medium cars were not well received in the country and a good example is Corvair. Despite the excellent size, fuel efficiency and a decent 2.4 L engine, Corvair attracted very less buyers and was in production only for a decade. However, the car is considered the first 'real' medium car in the US.

Honda Accord - Japanese manufacturer Honda came with Accord in 1976 other company never had to turn back. When the car was first released, it wasn't very popular in the US market but it sold in Europe and Asia really well. By the end of 20th-century, Americans were more attracted to fuel-efficient cars than ever and it showed a surge in the popularity of Accord. Today, Accord is one of the most successful medium cars in the US.

Toyota Camry - After Corolla, it is Camry that contributed to the enormous success to Toyota as one of the world's largest car manufacturer. It was introduced in 1982 and is still considered a great car. Interestingly, medium cars were from Japan were smaller when they were introduced and in the upcoming years, they gained size but this was the opposite for most American cars.

Ford Mondeo - If there is one American manufacturer that knows how to react immediately to changing trends, it is Ford. When Ford Mondeo was introduced in 1992, it was pretty much what the developed world needed. Ford gained experience in this market pretty fast and created some of the best engines.

Opel Astra - Although owned by General Motors now, Opel is a classic example of German engineering. Opel Astra is one of the most successful medium cars from General Motors and the company enjoyed decent success in many countries.

Medium Size Cars - The Segment That Is Going To Rule

Some of the most significant sales in car segments are in the medium category. With tremendous amount of research going on among medium cars, most of the new models offer great comfort with uncompromised fuel efficiency and excellent performance, medium cars are affordable and practical to use.

With more models to come in the future, this segment offers excellent choices for the consumer.