Used 2011 Maserati Quattroporte Sedan Trims & Features

Trims & Features of the 2011 Maserati Quattroporte Sedan

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The 2011 Maserati Quatrocoupe can be comparable with the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Bentley Flying Spur and Porsche Panamera. With tough competition Maserati has attempted to set itself apart in the market by offering top of the line features that enhance performance and the overall feel of a four door luxury sedan.

The car also features new LED lights similar to the ones used in the GranTurismo line. They allow for a brighter beam that increases the drivers visibility and do not lose their performance over time.

One of the features of the Quatroporte that has been enhanced on the 2011 model is the seating. The electronically adjustable seating has been revised to allow for better visibility and increased comfort. The seats can be set to 14 different positions and has three memory settings. The upgraded model of the Quatroporte has the option of a seat massager, heated seats and ventilated seats.

One of the most unique features of the Quatroporte is the hydraulic torque converter gearbox that was co-designed by Maserati and ZF to optimize performance. The innovative design enables the gearbox to have a boost at low-mid revs and allows power to reach a maximum of 7200rpm. The gearbox features a low grip and sport mode. The low grip mode was added to maximize safety and is designed to increase traction control allows for better performance in hazardous driving conditions. The sport grip mode is designed to increase acceleration.

Another critical feature of the Quatroporte is the wet sump lubrication system. The engineers at Maserati have added this to improve oil filtration. Opposed to the dry sump design, the wet sump system improves fluid usage and reduces the engines oil consumption. This new system has been a priority project for Maserati and has the benefit of reducing exhaust emissions and makes the engine operate much quieter.

As with most other cars in the Maserati line the Quatroporte model features the updated skyhook design on the suspension system. The skyhook design is a complex system that records driving data from six sensors around the car to adjust the suspension to the current driving surface. The driving surface ranges from a normal mode that is used in every day driving to a sports mode that increases handling and acceleration.

Similar to most cars in the Maserati line, the 2011 Quatroporte comes equipped with the latest safety technology that Maserati has to offer. This includes the Maserati Stability Programme which activates if there is a slight detection of emergency skidding, and the ABS and EBD braking system that prevents wheel slipping. Besides the newer safety technology, the base model Quatroporte comes equipped with front driver/passenger and side airbags, parking sensors, three point airbags and a tire pressure monitoring system. The vehicles body design was engineered to carry out sudden manoeuvres while not compromising passengers safety. Being in the same product line as the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Bentley Flying Spur and Porsche Panamera, Maserati cannot afford to cut any corners on safety. There has been nothing released on the 2011 Quatroporte from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety but with the safety technology Maserati has invested into this line it should be safe to drive.

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Rating: 2.5/5
31 users voted