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Luxury car is a term that is associated with many cars today but there was a time these names were associated only with a chosen few; cars that can be bought only by the rich and famous. Keeping the history in mind, it's difficult to agree that many luxury cars in's market worth such a name.

Historically speaking, a luxury automobile is the one that provided desirable features at added expense. Luxury cars were usually handmade for better perfection, smoother performance and increased reliability. They possessed better looks and powerful engines in almost all cases, not to mention a superior price tag.

In the past, luxury cars were usually where the most expensive automobiles you could buy but today, price can't be exclusively used to define luxury cars. Exotic cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche come with hefty price tags and some of them are even higher than the traditional luxury brands such as Roll Royce and Bentley.

However, these cars don't fall under the luxury category because they are exclusively designed to deliver better performance at the cost of features. Most sports cars have only two seats and the race car position is not definitely comfortable for long rides. A luxury car on the other hand provides ample room for its occupants and many recreational features to make their trips better.

Cars like Rolls Royce and Bentley were handmade for perfection and came with very powerful engines but these engines are tuned to deliver comfort and luxury over performance.

Packard, a popular American automobile manufacturer came with cars that had massive V12 engines and gave Americans the taste of luxury. They were, however, not a brand that only made luxury cars and had other models what we call mid luxury cars.

Though we call cars from brands like BMW, Mercedes and Audi luxury cars, only few of their models actually qualifies for the position. In this time and day, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Maybach are good examples. These cars are usually pretty large in size, offering adequate space for its occupants.

They come with a semi office setup for the rear seat passengers and seats can be reclined to great extents to get maximum comfort. Except Bentley, these cars are not necessarily designed for driving pleasure but to provide the owner with utmost comfort on serious business and leisure trips.

You can expect these cars to be extremely silent and equipped with an array of luxury features that you can't ignore.

A luxury car for most people is a tool to reflect the personality and show the world about their business success. This is why certain cars, despite their hefty price tag, are not preferred by successful entrepreneurs as their primary mode of transport. For instance, it's unusual to see a businessman coming for important business meetings in a Ferrari as the brand is often regarded as something that produces 'fun' cars. This is the same reason why many entry level luxury cars are not regarded the same way by some reviews.