Used 2011 Lotus Evora S Sports Coupe Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2011 Lotus Evora S Sports Coupe

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The 2011 Lotus Evora S sports coupe builds on the legacy developed by the original Evora. New options are available to enhance the vehicle's look, performance and personalization with the 2011 model. Plenty of options are available to tweak each car to just the right level of each owner's expectations. The engine offers an impressive amount of power. And the interior offers many comfort measures to ensure a far better road trip than its predecessor. The price is also a little lower than other comparable sports coupes.

The engine available in the 2011 Lotus Evora S is something that should not be taken lightly. The "S," after all, stands for supercharged, and it's easy to see why; the 3.5L V6 engine has been upgraded to offer 345 BHP. This propels the car from 0 to 60 in only 4.6 seconds. The car achieves an incredible 175mph top speed. Of course, this extra level of power does lead to a tradeoff in fuel economy, as the Lotus Evora S only offers 19.4mpg in the city.

The exterior of the Lotus Evora S has not really changed much from its predecessor, with the exception of the door handle. It features a slightly sleeker design that reflects its enhanced functionality. Additionally, an edgy diffuser has been added to the rear bumper of the Lotus Evora S, offering an extreme appearance that is more fitting with is enhanced horsepower. The rest of the body continues its predecessor's reputation of excellent aerodynamics and a small frame with a large package. An optional spoiler enhances the sporty feel of this coupe and even provides subtle benefits whenever the car is driven at high speeds. The Bi-Xenon headlamps are still provided as a standard feature and enhance the car's look during the day and night.

The interior of the Lotus Evora S inherits many of the same features found in the standard Evora sports coupe. A standard leather trimmed steering wheel still adorns a stylish modern dashboard. However, the steering wheel has been enhanced with a sharper look that better fits the rest of the cab. The high resolution command centre display is also included in this model and has been integrated with a Pioneer stereo system that is much easier to navigate than the Alpine one found in the previous coupe. The seats feature more durable leather stitched together with a better trim. They have also been filled with a little additional padding. The pedals, however, are a little off center and only make the vehicle even more awkward to enter and exit, especially for tall people. The backseats are also available if preferred.

The interior of the Lotus Evora S also features plenty of options to keep passengers comfortable and entertained. Heated and cooled seats are available to provide more control over the climate. Mobile phones laptops and tablet computers have become essential for long road trips, so the coupe's interior supplies two 12V charging sockets to keep these devices charged. A DVD player is also available in select models.

Safety is an important factor in Lotus cars and the 2011 Evora S is no exception. The sports coupe is designed to satisfy rigid safety requirements across the world. This includes finding materials that provide superior strength without weighing down the vehicle and crafting them together in ways that maximize impact resistance. To enhance the safety features even further, a crash box is integrated into the frame that absorbs more of the impact's strength before it has a chance to reach passengers. The superb breaking system is just as efficient for racing is it is for every day driving. However, the Lotus Evora S still contains one of its predecessor's shortcomings; even though frontal air bags are provided, side airbags are not. This will mean a dire situation if the coupe suffers a side impact.

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Rating: 2.1/5
19 users voted