Used 2014 Lotus Ethos City Car Hatchback Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2014 Lotus Ethos City Car Hatchback

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Lotus is a company that prides itself on having some of the most innovative engineering in the industry, as well as some of the most quality sports cars on the market. With luxury automobile makers like Aston Martin now getting into the hybrid car industry it is no wonder Lotus has followed suite to capture their slice of this desirable market. Although the Lotus Ethos City Hatchback will not be released to the public until 2014 and there are no consumer reviews that can gauge a further insight into the cars performance at present, there is little evidence to show that this car will not be up to the standards of this renowned brand. Danny Bahr, CEO of Group Lotus says '' As you would expect from Lotus, the City Car concept is an exquisitely designed, highly efficient vehicle with class leading performance - in this concept car, Lotus Design and Lotus Engineering have provided the perfect solution for life in the contemporary city environment." Since the Lotus Ethos City Hatchback was first released to the public at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, consumers have been eagerly awaiting the release of this luxury line's entrance into the hybrid car market, and as 2014 rolls around it will be interesting to see how Lotus matches up against its competition.

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As far as performance goes, it offers what you would expect from a vehicle in this very small segment. The lithium battery will be good for approximately 37 miles of electric driving. When it depletes, the 1.2-liter gas engine will kick and take the vehicle another 310 miles, so this is certainly not a vehicle that you will have to stay close to home in. It is suggested that it will be uniquely designed to be powered by regular gasoline, flex-fuel or ethanol, making it a very versatile, especially to be used as a fleet vehicle. It will be able to accelerate zero to 62 mph in a lazy 9.8 seconds, but it will run out of steam about here to as top speed is going to be 75 mph.

It is hard not to get excited about the vehicle. It just looks like a ton of fun to drive, and who doesn't appreciate great gas mileage at today's high prices. The exterior is styled adorably, with a front grill that seems to be smiling and flower-like wheels that a little flirty nature to the simple lines of the vehicle.

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Rating: 2.3/5
97 users voted