Used 2011 Lotus Elise S Sports Convertible Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2011 Lotus Elise S Sports Convertible

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The 2011 Lotus Elise S takes sports convertibles to a new level of automotive innovation. Every small level of detail has been painstakingly inspected to ensure the best combination of performance and comfort, although practicality still does not exist for larger drivers. There are still a few desirable features that are left as options rather than standard, but overall, this car has been carefully designed to be a crowd-pleaser both inside and out.

The interior of the Lotus Elise S enhances the features found in other models by providing greater levels of comfort. The plush bucket seats are suitable for comfortable driving during your daily commute or your next road trip. All vital controls are placed carefully within easy reach of the driver's seat. The steering wheel may be small, but it's strategically positioned to provide the driver with the best handling experience possible.

Aluminum trims can be found throughout, especially on the gear shift, hand brake and steering wheel. Front airbags are provided to protect both the driver and passenger. The convertible top is easy to remove from inside the cab. The vents have also been strategically placed for optimal comfort levels, although many buyers may be disappointed to learn that air conditioning is only available as an option and does not come standard with the Lotus Elise S.

The 2011 Lotus Elise S' body defines what it means to be a stylish sports car. The carefully placed curves have been evened out from previous models, providing a smooth, clean finish that truly sets this vehicle apart from others in its class. The spoiler is designed to both compliment this look and enhance the downforce of the newest 2011 model. This is a great benefit, as the aerodynamic exterior is designed to bring out the best of the convertible's small yet powerful engine. Both the sliver Y type wheels and the standard black vinyl top are sure to compliment any color the driver selects, thought other options are available. LED headlamps will also help enhance the convertible's style at night.

At first glance, the Lotus Elise S motor seems a little disappointing. After all, how much power could someone possibly expect from a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine? However, there is an important reason that the "S" stands for supercharged; it cranks out 217 hp. This is an impressive amount of power for a car that weights less than 1 ton. It provides a greater level of torque from the low rev range and delivers excellent acceleration. All of this is achieved while maintaining impressive gas mileage and emission levels. The available Sport mode will improve the response of the throttle and overall performance.

The 2011 Lotus Elise S easily gained a 5-star rating for its appearance. Performance was also given 5-stars thanks to the supercharged engine. However, comfort was only given 3.5 stars and this number is sure to fall even lower for larger drivers.

Safety is an important aspect of any small sports convertible and it's one that has not been overlooked in the Lotus Elise S. Upon impact, airbags will deploy form both the steering wheel and fascia to protect passengers.

The affects of the force will be minimal for passengers thanks to the energy-absorbing design built into the car's frame. Racing calipers have been installed on the anti-lock braking system to ensure excellent stopping power. The excellent handling provided by the tires and steering system allows a greater level of control during inclement situations. However, an impact from the side will have a greater impact on passengers, since these measures were not given as much detail in the Lotus Elise S.

Rate this model Rate this Model:

Rating: 2.0/5
46 users voted