Used 2013 Lotus Elan Sports Coupe Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2013 Lotus Elan Sports Coupe

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 Pros Retractable hardtop allow for this vehicle to suffice no matter what the weather conditions may be at any given time. The competition generally can't meet this criteria.

 Pros The Lotus vehicle family of cars have known to have an extremely high resale value. This would ensure that the investment you are making can make positive returns in the future.

 Pros By becoming a hybrid vehicle, it will appeal to all those who support a "Green World". Being hybrid will also act as a competitive advantage which will help elevate Lotus above its competition.

 Pros The powerful engine allows 0-60mph to be reached in a mind-blowing 3.5seconds.

 Pros An intriguing design allows the 2013 Lotus Elan Sports Coupe to stand out from its competition. The appeal and attractiveness of this unique vehicle will no doubt raise awareness.

 Pros The Kinetic Energy Recovery System adds improved handling and turning. This is whereby the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle is recovered under braking and stored in a reservoir (for example a flywheel or a battery) for later use under acceleration.

 Pros Lotus Elite Coupe offers more power and better engine specifications than competitors in its market segment

 Cons Kinetic Energy Recovery System isn't 100% proven due to the lack of testing capability conducted since its introduction in the world.

 Cons Retractable hardtop can be troublesome. They can often result in mechanical problems, and typically reduce luggage capacity

 Cons Consumer and safety reviews will not exist until the car's launch date, which unfortunately has been pushed back to 2016.

 Cons Information on interior specifications such as: color, speakers, radio, navigation, etc were also not available for review.