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The Lexus GS Sedan is one of the company's most refined and exceptionally elegant cars. Introduced by the line in the early 1990s, the luxury sedan was developed by the company in order to compete with some of the leading European sport sedans that were on the market. However, due to its soft suspension and sluggish power train, it was not able to compete or dominate the market quite the way that they had hoped it would. The vehicle also costs as much as its German counterparts. Still, as luxurious sedan models go, the Lexus GS Sedan is indeed very convincing, especially the latest model, which is loaded with the best features as well as upscale technologies and amenities.

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The cabin of the 2012 Lexus GS 300 is carefully constructed with the highest quality materials. The Lexus GS is also known for its outstanding reliability record, which is just one of the reasons why all three generations of the model are very popular in the market, even if the automotive press was less than smitten with them. Prior to the 2012 Lexus GS Sedan model, the last redesigned version was released in 2006. It lasted only a year because the company decided to install a new and powerful 3.5-liter VS on all of its rear-wheel-drive sedans the following year, resulting in the name change to the Lexus GS 350. Really, the GS 300 and the GS 350 are quite similar, except for their engines.

The 2012 Lexus GS Sedan sits on a custom rear-wheel drive platform that is solely intended for it, as well as the IS, which is specifically designed to achieve a fun and rewarding driving experience. Furthermore, this latest model of Lexus has similar wheel-base with the current platform, and comes with the same overall width. However, the front track of the 2012 Lexus GS 300 is wider by about 1.6 inches, while the rear track is bigger by 2 inches. Its body is more rigid because it's made from different steel gauges, and Lexus employed an increased spot and laser welding when developing this luxury car. They even made use of restricted element analysis in order to analyze the effects of weld placement on the vehicle. Ultimately, all of the decisions regarding the car's assembly were made by Lexus's car experts, resulting in a sedan that's quite a pleasure to drive and a joy to look at.

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Rating: 2.3/5
20 users voted